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Coach’s despair by David Clarke
December 1, 2008, 2:49 pm
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coaches despair, originally uploaded by pars_man_craig.

This picture tells us plenty about the role of a rugby coach:

1. Passion.
2. Despair.
3. Frustration.

The coach has turned from the pitch – was it a mistake, a referee’s decision, the end of a game?

But for every moment like this, remember the ups. It should make it all worthwhile.

PS: I am the world’s worst referee. The judge: My 8 year old son who I had just reffed to a 4 try to nil loss.


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I know how he feels. My team lost at the weekend to a team who’s contact game plan was for everyone to dive over the ball carrier! My players couldn’t get near the ball so the opposition had 80% possession. When asked about his refereeing of the ruck law the main man said “I know they are falling over but it’s muddy and they can’t help it can they” What can you say to that?

Comment by john Kilvington

This was me Saturday. I just could not hide my frustration. Everything was going against us(sounds like a moan I know). The ref was the worst I have seen and we just could not focus as a team due to this ref.
I think as a coach you should be able hide your feelings from the team but there are times when it is becomes impossible. Maybe I am wrong?
The team I coach lost the game and quite possibly the chance of promotion this early on in the season.
Even now 72 hours on I am still frustrated and angry.

Comment by Chris

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