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How do I deliver a rugby coaching session? by David Clarke
November 27, 2008, 1:49 pm
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This week at the Rugby Coach office we received a call from a new coach: How do I go about delivering a rugby coaching session? He had never coached before but had played a number of years ago.

Most of you will have some sympathy with his question. We all had to coach our first session once upon a time. I expect you had two experiences. First, you suddenly had to look after a session when the main coach didn’t turn up. Second, you knew well in advance that you were coaching a session and spent every waking moment thinking about what to do.

If you were lucky, you faced the second situation and had the benefit of going on Level 1 course.

But it pays to think about the basics of delivery, the “How to” skills because we can easily get lost in the detail of the techniques and skills. Players are still having to learn and we can accelerate this learning through better “How to” methods.

I am actually not formally coaching anything until next Monday (though watching plenty of rugby in the meantime), so I am to concentrate on my delivery for the next session. I know some of the players read this blog but I am not afraid to say I am going to make sure I work on these two aspects:

1. The quality of language emphasised using different levels of volume.

2. The pace of the session, to maintain a balance between consolidation and advancement.

I will report back on Tuesday.


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