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When was the last time you felt like 007? by David Clarke
October 31, 2008, 10:45 am
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How many of you will be going to the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace?

Despite the usual mixed reviews, it promises to continue in the mould of 007 films: classy, fast paced action with plenty of blood and gore. Just like your training sessions!

Good coaches have more in common with James Bond than they think.

1. Cool under pressure

Bond has to think quickly when all around him is crashing down. He looks for innovative ways to solve problems and is not afraid to make bold decisions. He won’t always please everybody, but he gets the job done.

2. No pain, no gain

The bloody, dusty, rugged Daniel Craig, now in a sling, shows that it is not easy being in the job. He takes off his DJ and roles up his sleeves to save the day.

3. Looks great

The image counts. It carries authority. By looking the part, Bond becomes a key figure to talk to and listen to. There is a touch of menace within his charm. He could not do this unless he dresses well.

4. Humour counts

A quick witted aside lightens the atmosphere. Not every situation needs to be serious, even if the outcome could be. The latest Bond is not as cheeky as previous incarnations, but still smiles.

Perhaps you won’t get the girl, save the world and drive the Aston Martin. But you can admire some of this character’s panache and bravedo. And even emulate some of his traits.


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