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Blast your team before the game to blast away the opposition in the game by David Clarke

Canadian Team Warm Up

Canadian Team Warm Up

Players need to get to near the same intensity in the warm up as they would in the match, says top sports fitness expert Chris Jones. That means the same physical battering and exertion. His thoughts are backed up by Huw Bevan, formerly conditioning coach with the Ospreys and now a high level fitness consultant.


Activate the brain and muscles


This blast of hard work is short-lived, and does not use up too much of the energy needed for the game. The anaerobic energy is restored with a short break before the start of the game, supplemented with energy foods and drinks.


The workout engages the brain and muscles together so they are working in unison in readiness for the match.


In an series of articles in next month’s Rugby Coach Newsletter, I will explain how Chris Jones’ research, based in part on the Gold Medal winning success of our athletes in the Olympics, can be used for your team’s benefit. Also Huw Bevan will show you how to put this into practice with your own team.


It will give you key ways to:

          manage your team’s warm up,

          use food and drink to restore the right energy levels prior to the match,

          understand what gets the players ready the quickest,

          know what to avoid in the warm up.


I have tested these methods in the last month on my own teams, and I can testify that the first 15 minutes of the performance has been excellent, well above normal expectations.


For further information on Chris Jones and his high performance techniques, click here.

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