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Osprey Coaching Conference Materials by David Clarke

Yesterday I spoke at the Osprey Coaching Conference at Llandarcy Academy Sport just outside Swansea, Wales. It was an excellent day with presentations from some of the current Osprey players (front row), the region’s skills coach, a top Welsh referee on ELVs and finally a brilliant talk by Sean Holley, the new supremo at the Ospreys.

My 40 minute slot was on coach development. It took the focus away from thinking about coaching players and onto developing the person in front of me.

I discussed the continuing desire to improve. One way to improve is to improve our listening skills. In the main this means overcoming barriers to listening.

Another way to improve is to listen to the thoughts of others BEFORE we coach a session. It is a method called “feed forward.”

Finally I introduced a philosophy of a US baseball coach, Gagliardi. He talks about the power of “No”.

The presentation and some notes can be downloaded by following this link to the Rugby Coaching Forum.


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It’s incredible to think that there are still people out there who think that negativity builds character. Doubtless players need a sharp comment now and then, but I’ve always wondered what it is that makes a person (player) a nice, good athlete before the game starts, and as the game progresses, the player becomes everything that is wrong in the world! Seen it all over the world – east and west, north and south.

Comment by Steve Johnson

Actually, it is not negative in the sense you understand it Steve. Read the handout and you will see why!
It would heartily agree with you on your sentiments though.

Comment by admin

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