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NZ Passing Game by David Clarke

Watch this clip from a New Zealand team prep to play Wales. Loads of interesting stuff to look at but I have found the passing game great fun. It is about 50 seconds into the video.

 The rules are:

1. One ball per player.

2. The ball is passed left once, right twice, left three times, right four times and so on.

3. The player who makes a mistake drops out.

4. Any disputes decided by “paper, rock, scissors”

I played this last week with some academy boys and as a group of 5 we aimed to get beyond ten consecutive passes one way. Good fun and enjoy.


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A great game to get you warmed up and train your hand eye coordination. The All Blacks have great fun when training. Looking forward to how this playful game translates to their game for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Comment by Where Can I Watch TV Shows Online

Nice game to play with.I enjoy it a lot.I agree that it train our hand eye coordination.Thanks for the post.

Comment by Alureon

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