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My rugby coaching to do list is looking too long by David Clarke

I am just writing out my season plan. On my list I have nine areas I know I need to cover in training:


1. Tackling

2. Handling

3. Footwork

4. Kicking

5. Rucking

6. Mauling

7. Scrum

8. Lineout

9. Match tactics


I am ignoring rugby conditioning at the moment. If I have four weeks, I have worked out that I should cover four areas a week, with match tactics thrown in for the last few weeks.


It is quite a daunting task for planning, let alone for getting he players to be ready for season. So I have decided to sit back and look for the positives. Here they are.


First, all the other teams will be in the same situation. In which case I need make sure the planning is focused on quality outcomes. The pressure now changes to training as well if not better than the other teams. At least I don’t need to worry about packing it all in, just picking the best exercises!


Second, the players will arrive with a certain amount of knowledge and ability anyway. I need to build on these areas, rather than go back to the drawing board.


Third, preparing for the season means just that. The season does not end after the first match. Therefore the four weeks before we start is a time to set training in motion. After the first game, it should not be a case on just reacting to the previous matches failings. It should be a time to expand all areas of the game, and do this consistently through out the season.


The way forward


My rugby training plan is going to be a balance between rugby strategy (that means working towards the game plan), rugby tactics (what we are going to do in each match, the moves and plays), rugby skills and rugby techniques.


I do admit my to do list is long. Very long. Hence, clarity of thought is key. And every journey of thousand miles starts with one small step (or so says the Chinese proverb).


This week, handling, footwork and rugby conditioning on Tuesday evening. I will tell you about the conditioning stuff on Thursday…


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