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Why a Rugby Coach is Like a Film Star by David Clarke


I have just spent the last three days filming a DVD on rugby coaching. It was hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


I am certainly no film star, I had no personal caravan or seat with my name on the back. But the experience taught me that we, as coaches, have got some similarities to film stars (and one or two complete differences).

1. Star of the show


You are the star of the show. The spotlight falls on you more than anyone else in rugby training. You will have more “shots” and more “lines”. This is your chance to pass on your rugby drills and tips.


2. The show must go on        


A star can carry the film. A poor script or shoddy set can be enlivened with your performance. You can only work with the material you are given, rain or fair weather.


3. Lights, camera, action


When the camera turns on you, you must give a star performance. There is a pressure to get it right and prove your worth. You must be prepared.


4. Chemistry


You need a chemistry between you and your co-stars. That can be the players or the other support staff. The top stars shine and make others shine because they work together.


And what’s the difference? Money, fame and all the other trappings. But we don’t need rehab or facelifts to make us happy. Just a win next weekend will do!


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