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A Rugby Judo Throw by David Clarke

Here is a Judo throw which you might be able to use in your rugby training.

REMEMBER: safety first. Work on soft grounds with prepared players.

But, as Craig’s blog post asks below, is it legal?


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Probably NOT legal. Anything where you lift a leg
may be frowned upon, especially with juniors who would not have a proper awareness of Ukemi’s (Judo breakfalls). This is just an oppinion. I am not a Rugby expert but have done some supplementary cross training with some rugby boys.

Comment by Reno

I feel that skills like this can only be brought to the game by players seeking expert training in Judo. To try and build it in as a rugby skill I feel is frought with danger due to the falling aspect. I would look to develope the front tackle in players, Judo is not the ‘Holy Grail’ that people seem to be saying!

Comment by Ian

In my experience, judo equips young school boy rugby players with the absence of fear at being tackled and an instinctive reaction to ‘yield’ rather than block in instances such as a hand off. The would be tackler spins his oncoming player in what judoka’s know as uki goshi type of movement, using the momentum of the player charging towards him. It works!

Comment by Pat Warren. 6th dan IJF

I agree wholeheartedly with Pat & have seen first hand the results of what he’s talking about in a Schoolboy Rugby program. Our basic job as Rugby coaches is to refine & develop technique according to the laws of Rugby, but what seperates the ordinary coach from the extraordinary coach in ANY sport is bringing in and managing innovations within the laws & idiosyncracies of your own game…

Comment by Will

I think this is legal.. the judo classes will be more helpful to players… but the players have to train under very good experts in the judo techniques…


Comment by Judo Birmingham

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