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Presentation night preparation – should you have a rugby player award ceremony? by David Clarke


I have just spent the last four hours putting together a presentation for the mighty Mumbles Under 8s end of rugby season evening.


Argh! Technology makes everything worse. People expect a whizzy PowerPoint movie. So I have been slaving away with my MovieMaker and Spielberg baseball cap on to produce a record of the season.


But one thing worries me.


Do I have a rugby player of the year award?


I am against it personally. There are perhaps only three major awards you can give to the players and it means that the others go away disappointed. Okay, the players are only eight years old. But at what age does it make sense to start the process?


You will have your own presentation nights, senior and junior. You will be listening out for your own name or the names of siblings. And you will know the personal disappointment when there is no cup, award or sometimes a mention. Maybe it is best to avoid that bad feeling for some.


On the other hand, there are some motivational factors involved in awarding cups. Players may work harder to get the award. But the award is a long way off when the rugby season starts. Will players focus on a possible prize which is five months away.


Anyway, the mighty Under 8s will not be getting any prizes, much to the disappointment of my own son who thinks he is the top try scorer. (He is, but I have tried to keep a secret and I don’t think he reads the blog!)


I will post up my presentation later in the week.









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