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Your help needed: What can we offer in terms of rugby coaching expertise to this video? by David Clarke

An enterprising rugby place kicker has posted a video of himself on Youtube wanting some advice on how to improve his rugby goal kicking.

He has used two static positions to place the camera, plus some slow motion footage. It is a refreshing approach, and one used by rugby skills coaches to help isolate technical faults.

Coaching rugby goal kicking is a tricky business because there is more than one way to strike a good kick. Also a good rugby goal kicker in matches requires mental strength.

But in this video, what can we offer in terms of rugby coaching expertise?

Here is a checklist to start with:

Is there a good rhythm? Does the kicker look comfortable when he strikes the ball?
Does the foot follow through to the target or cut across the rugby ball?
Does the landing foot allow the kicker to strike the ball on the up stroke of the swing of the leg?

You are the rugby coach…what do you think?

And remember – we don’t to give the goal kicker too many thoughts. One or two is enough for this rugby session.

Dan Cottrell, Better Rugby Coaching Editor


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The kickers balance appears to be impaired and needs to through his left arm out in the direction of the posts and keep his head down through the kick. This should balance him more.

Comment by Michael Neale-May

Agree with first comment. Also the kicking legs definitely cuts across the line of the kick/ball. Keeping the head down aught to help with that though. But emphasis on a nice straight flow through the ball towards the posts will do wonders.

Comment by Christiaan Roos

He needs to follow right through with his kicking foot, in all three kicks his kicking foot tails away, not quite in a stabbing motion but nearly, a bit too much like a footballer, he cuts across the ball with no follow through.

Comment by eskimorugby

I use a simple thought for most directional actions such as passing and kicking. The ball will go where you look to. It’s like riding a bike. Look to where you want the bike to go and your brain will do the rest. For passing I use 1,2,3. Catch, Look and Pass. Kicking is similar. From the video, the kicks look snatched. Follow through in the direction of where the ball must end up. The balance will follow instinctively

Comment by Gordon

Definitely agree with previous balance comments. He also does not square up into the kick and puts too much swivel into the hips. Both contribute to the balance issue.

He leans way into his plant foot/left side and though he keeps his head down the Camera angle makes it too hard to see where his body position is relative to the ball and plant foot, it appears he is well behind both. It takes away from his follow through and forces him to quickly plant his kicking foot to keep from landing on his butt.

I think if he placed his plant foot slightly wider and tried to get his body more over the ball it might improve his balance… that and relax and open up his kicking motion he’s too cramped going into the kick.

Comment by Pat

I would agree with the comments above, and add that he does not quite get the idea of the Jonny Wilkinson stance – the upper body needs to be further forward in all aspects of the kick; his last step should be more aggressive so that he strikes the ball and follows through, so that the kicking foot comes down ahead of the left foot and the body. Rather like the follow up to a javelin throw, shot putt or discus throw. The left foot should also be aiming at the target.

Comment by Steve Johnson

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