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Talk, talk, talk and little chance to really learn by David Clarke

Jason Lewis, one of the UKs most experienced rugby coach educators, challenges you to look at this video clip and see what might be wrong with the delivery of this session.

Well, looking at this video, it could be argued this is good rugby session.
The coach taking the session is confident, active and enthusiastic. It seems that he is offering some good advice on demonstrations.

However look and listen more closely.

  • How has he organised the group who he is presenting to?
  • How much information is he offering?
  • What sort of feedback do the watching rugby coaches give him?

On the UKCC rugby courses, we encourage coaches to ask questions and involve the audience. We want the people who are being coached to be involved in their learning because this is more powerful than just being told what to do. This should be done in a good learning environment.

Points of interest: arising from the video.
1. All the coaching was one way. There were no opportunities to think about what was being said or apply it.
2. Ironically he talks about feedback, but doesn’t give much opportunity for it.
3. In terms of the content, it could have been much stronger. For instance, the feedback he talked about is “often and immediate”, but maybe it could be little and delayed allowing greater player reflection and self learning.
4. Again in content terms, demonstrations should require players to “feel” what works and doesn’t work.
5. Did you notice at least one participant having to shade his eyes? He might have organised the setting better.
6. When you give a demonstration, it is better to not talk and demonstration yourself at the same time.
7. There was way too much information.

Whether you are going through some simple rugby drills or just giving out some top rugby tips, you still need to think about the learning experience.

Jason Lewis


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Great post Jason, and a great blog Dan, I’m linking immediately!

Comment by eskimorugby

Jason and Dan, Thanks for using the RLCM clip of Luke Ellis, in regards to your comments, it was only a short three minute+ clip of a two hour presentation, I will send you the complete DVD when back in Australia.

Feel free to use what ever you wish from the RLCM YouTube site

Gary Roberts
Publisher RLCM

NB – in Surrey for Xmas, just getting over the jet lag, thus surfing the net at 4.00am in the morning


Comment by Gary Roberts

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