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10 Steps to Coaching Better Rugby by David Clarke

Here are my 10 steps to coaching better rugby:

1. Listen to your rugby players.

2. Listen to the rugby opposition.

3. Listen to the rugby commentators.

4. Listen to the rugby experts.

5. Listen to other sports’ experts.

6. Listen to your rugby coaching team.

7. Listen to your rugby captain.

8. Listen to the rugby referee.

9. Listen to your rugby goals.

10. Then say what you want.

Dan, Better Rugby Coaching Editor


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Comment by Andrew

Your 10 steps are commenable guidelines for any coach, rugby or otherwise. I would add one more, especially for the benfit of younger players seeking to emulate their heroes;
STOP KICKING THE BALL INTO SPACE JUST TO GAIN TERRITORY, AND WITH THE DELIBERATE INTENT OF NOT FINDING TOUCH. The arial ping pong which has come to dominate so many kick fests of late is destroying the game as a spectator sport. Equally, as a tactical ploy it is simply ineffective.

Comment by matt

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