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My three must-do tasks for today for rugby coaching by David Clarke

I have just sat down at my desk to organise my session and I have written down three things I must do before I jot something down.

1. Write up my observation notes

I watched a coaching session last week and put some notes down on a piece of paper. I have hundreds of these scraps lying around with pictures of rugby drills. But they don’t always make sense in a few weeks time unless I put them into a document.

Of course coaches I observe know that there is good chance some of their ideas will find there way into the next Rugby Coach Newsletter. I remember attending a “Tutoring the Tutors” conference hosted by the RFU and the ever ebullient Gary Henderson, now the RFU community coaching supremo prefixing all his answers to me with “and remember gents, you can read this answer next week!” Joking he might have been, but some of his words did reach the readers next week.

It only takes me ten minutes to do. So as soon as I have finished this, I will get down to translating my scribbles.

2. Ask a new question

It is very easy to coach the same things week in week out, changing them to meet the needs of the team from last weekend. I could practise defence and passing with one of my team’s this week. But instead I am going to look at what we haven’t done for a long time.

And I am going to give myself two minutes (after doing the write up) to think about it and then action it.

3. Challenge a coach

We listen to others and learn from them. I read some useful thoughts in the papers the other day about the approach of Martin Johnson, England’s World Cup winning captain and new broom with the team. But the questions were someone else’s, not mine.

I am going to think of an area I want to learn more about and email a couple of guys. Okay I have access to some pretty hot emails, but I am also going to ask some of the coaches who are at grassroots level. They may not have the answer, but they might have a view.

A minute to think of a challenge. Five minutes to write the question (and check it), then a minutes to email it to ten coaches. I might even ring someone this afternoon.

There are my three tasks. You can email or put a comment on this post if you want to “challenge a coach”.

Dan, Better Rugby Coaching Editor

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