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Welcome to Better Rugby Coaching by David Clarke


Hi, my name is Dan Cottrell and I want to welcome you to the Better Rugby Coaching Blog.

I have been coaching rugby for over 15 years at lots of different levels and age groups and I want to share my thoughts on some of the current thinking on rugby skills, rugby drills and rugby training, As you may know I am editor of Rugby Coach. We produce a series of rugby coaching resources which covers sessions, practice, plays and tactics on every aspect of the game.

This blog gives me and my team an ideal opportunity to give the latest comment on rugby coaching life-I speak to coaches every day. In fact it is newsworthy when I spend a day not replying to an email, posting a comment on the forum or chatting on the phone to another coach. This blog gives you a window on my coaching world so you can share the hopes, fears and joys of rugby coaching.

I am still learning. I have written over 300,000 words since 2003 on rugby scrums, kicking, rugby defence, tackling amongst many other areas. And I know there are still more words to write. I am open to opinion but I have a set of core values. In the Rugby Coach office we receive plenty of emails every week telling us we are saying the right things, and sometimes disagreeing. We don’t mind the debate. However we take safety and child protection very seriously.

So this blog is for everyone in the coaching community. A chance to hear and share views. And a chance for us to post up some great ideas from others: video, pictures or stories from all around the rugby coaching world.

Dan, Better Rugby Coaching Editor


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Hi Dan, Im a coach here in Auckland Nz age 29. And have been coaching for last 8 years,im currently assisting with Tamaki college secondary school 1st 15 backs, to get better as a coach, but mainly to build on experance in deferent levels of age groups.Ive coach from under 9s to 21s in the last 8 years and hoping to pick up a head or assistant role as a premier coach next season.but before that could happen i need to fill in a few gaps and areas mainly in the forwards.

Comment by Isaac

Hi Issac

I would suggest you check out some of the free tips on, plus sign up for the free weekly email.

In terms of getting more experience, get down to the local rugby club and watch some of the forwards sessions. If you are still playing, even get involved in the forwards training. I did a couple of times at the end of my career and I learnt a lot about what works and doesn’t in a very short space of time (sometimes painful time!).


Comment by Dan Cottrell

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